1. What to sell this Christmas :)))

  2. The first song that popped in to my mind when I heard that my school’s gonna be replaced by an Ayala establishment, well I didn’t expect that it would be this nostalgic. Hale songs were played every time our school had an event, these songs were like intermission numbers haha. I remembered how their words affected our petty little love problems of highschool :)) We’re like drawn into their songs, trying hard to relate to them even if they’re not really related to us hahaha :)) Hmm well I did miss you Hale, but not as much as I miss our old U.P.I.S. building. Yeah highschool was soo hard as hell, but it was equally or rather, really really really fun. The building was old yes but it’s our second home, yet maybe they have their reasons. Everything has an end anyway :) Hmmmm I actually dream of that school until now. :)

  3. "I hope you miss me, though I could scarcely (even in the cause of vanity) wish you to miss me as much as I miss you, for that hurts too much, but what I do hope is that I’ve left some sort of a little blank which won’t be filled till I come back. I bear you a grudge for spoiling me for everybody’s else companionship, it is too bad."
    Vita Sackville-West in a letter to Virginia Woolf, 31 January 1927 (via courcel)

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  4. i just forgot how to feel pretty :(

  5. lend me some tools i need some kind of fixing.

  6. likeafieldmouse:

    These have always bothered me, in some obvious ways and some not-so-obvious ways. I’ve been reluctant to post them until now. I’m not sure why. 

    Berlinde de Bruyckere - We are All Flesh (2004-12)

    “An unsettling, reconfigured concept of the body, helpless and contorted, takes center stage in Bruyckere’s faceless sculptures. Abject deformation is turned into beauty as if the artist were trying to wrest a shape from abstract form.”

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  7. Skies on Fire [X]

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  8. are all men the same? :s

  9. "I love you and it’s getting worse."
    Joseph Morris (via julie911)

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